Monday, March 1, 2010

Mac and Cheese Hockey


Talk about time lapse! Welcome to the new and improved Jessica's Adventure Time Blog. No more crafts (because I'm not going to knit on the beach) but! It will hopefully be a travellogue of my adventures and mis-adventures. Sorry there won't be many pictures I'm lazy when I travel.

I left about 12 days ago from Moncton, NB, went by train to Toronto. Not to be negative about the initial part of my trip, but seriously can train food be more expensive and disgusting? Tiny cannolli for a huge price. Thank god they threw in two pieces of garlic bread croutons. I also got the lovely experience of sitting behind two love birds after switching trains in Montreal. I started counting their kisses to eachother about an hour into the ride but had to stop about 20 minutes and 100kisses later. A goth kid and I made many witty remarks about them.

Toronto was awesome. I had a Net Meet with a number of internet friends. Does that make me nerdy? Hopefully not, because they were all so awesome. Sneaky Dees (for anyone visiting toronto) is great for seeing skeletor hipsters drink cheap beer and wear sunglasses inside. I fit in!

My hosts in tdot were so gracious. I had a hard time spending money. They showed me some sights, let me snuggle with their kitties, and made me feel honoured to be their friend. I got to eat deep fried mac-and-cheese too, which is just as awesome as it sounds. They lived in what is called 'Jamaica Town'in Toronto. I got yelled at in a grocery store by a Jamaican lady about her missing her appointment. It didn't really seem to have anything to do with me, but she wasn't using her indoor voice and I was a little scared.

I flew on a shitshow flight from Tdot to Vancouver. First the flight crew didn't show up for an hour, then after going to the last possible runway at Pearson they found out their lights wouldn't dim for takeoff, which is illegal, so we had to taxi all the way back to fix it. Meanwhile the Canada Russia hockey game was going on and people on the airplane were checking their blackberries frantically and yelling out the scores. Eventually though a man in front of me hooked his iphone up to his laptop and we streamed it live. Talk about an exciting time with 20 of my closest seat neighbours.

After arriving I found my cousins house all by myself. I negociated not only transit but also part of Hastings street and found a key under a rock to let myself in. It was like I was in a mystery novel. Vancouver was freaking me out with the olympics and everything so I quickly made my departure to see my grandparents in Victoria. I had an excellent time even if they were not feeling their best. I got to drive my granny around though, crack jokes with my grandfather and relax. I love Vancouver Island - I cannot wait to move out here this summer.

Everyone kept wondering why I wasn't lapping up the olympic spirit though. I don't feel bad for missing most of it though. Its just not something I'm really into. I do love the competition, the sense of excitment and what the olympics came from, but in recent years the Olympics have gotten a bit out of control, like a crazy monopolizing monster. Although I won't pretend my morals kept me out of the city, more like my interest.

Anyway. I came in yesterday. Canada/US gold game. The city was absolutely glued to television sets. After trying for a long long time, my friend and I finally found a bar with space and a tv. Man. People were losing their shit! And I can't even begin to explain what happened when we won! Now I don't like sports, and I don't like patriotism so much - but winning a gold medal in hockey is what being Canadian is. The entire city had been waiting for this moment for years. Everyone went insane. Traffic was honking excitedly for hours, people were playing tin can hockey in the middle of traffic (we re talking like city highways).
I loved it!

Now I am just gathering myself to make the huge leap to Asia.

I am nearly through my Cana