Monday, May 25, 2009

Islands of Summer

This past weekend I didn't get too much (actually any) time to craft or cook. I was busy being on our island in the river. Two nights of partying and dirt caked on to every part of my body resulted in a very very content girl. I love being outside in a lucious green environment and being able to go completly insane with no repercussions. 

Wait! We did craft. Found item crafting! We collected amazing drift wood walking sticks and sculptures. We found a tiny animal scull (fox? muskrat?) and I fashioned a medicine man-esk necklace out of it.

Also, we made a bag of veins complete with a R2D2 voice box buried deep inside. Trust me -you had to be there. 

I went thrifting today and got some really mustard orang-y fabric with dangly white pom pom edging. I cannot wait to figure out what to do with it.