Thursday, June 25, 2009

Doily Bra!


Yes I am going to admit it I really love making these things. But I've only just started and I have so many ideas. First: Doily Bra!

But not really.

This is what my first-ish attempt looks like. Not to shabby if I do say so myself. I tried another first but didn't get too far because it looked like doily throw up and the directions were equally as bad.
Although for real how did one 'flower' petal get so fat and the other so skinny?

I really want to make a doily something for my friends wedding(s) this summer. Because basically thats the only times doilys really make sense. If you don't get handmade doilies from someone at your wedding then its really not a good one.

If anyone has ideas about what else I can do with doilies I'd love to try them out. I really might make a doily bra this summer, I'll just try not to make a doily with a weird nipple hole in the middle.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Moving On

Well I'm moving soon. To a bright now apartment in a bright new neighbourhood with some beautiful roommates. I'll never have to listen to babies screaming outside my window or mothers screaming about "It's not your baby" and fathers beating ever again!

And really I'm not joking about that last part.

I've been working 48 hour weeks for the past few months without even realising it, but I've figured out why I have so little time to craft or paint or be with myself.

I have ordered 72" of black feathers for my headress and I've been talking with Baubletjes about buying a pair of these:

I'm going to put them on the sides and dangle bits and bobs from the sides like this great fellow has:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mustard Hoops Finished!

So here is the finished project of my gift hoola hoop and my mustard products combined. I'm pretty impressed with myself with the results considering I've never made a hoola hoop before. The only thing that really made me angry was how the dark brown ribbon was 3 inches too short! THREE JESUS INCHES. Come on!
Anyway - besides that mishap it looks like this:

I used a hot glue gun to secure each piece in the begining(sometimes I wrapped it all the way around to test the length and style before I glued it). I also sewed the ends together when they came together at the end (my nemesis brown!). I am a little worried about it coming apart so I used hot glue in dabs under all the layers.

Lets hope it works!

Unofficial yet still exciting commission

Well my friend Micah who writes Anonymous has let me know I should paint this fellow here:

It'll be for his semi-annual publication which highlights unknown and known poets/writers/authors.

So far I've not been artisiticly on the ball and missed all the publications but soon I just might be on the cover.

I don't even know who that guy is but I'm sure he's got something hidden in that beard.

ALSO! I hated that old blog design - it didn't like big pictures and I do. So I traded it in for this one.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fashion Mashion

Oh man.

Look what I just found on etsy!
"Technicolor Technique:" A romper to clean your teeth"

It features "FUCK YEAH POCKETS" and ruffeoheartslilsnoty uses salvaged or surplus fabric. I'm gonna put that in my FUCK YEAH pocket.

I want everything! I want electric technicolour spandex wet dreams.

Their clothing reminds me of that fateful night we went to eighties night at boom and were the only ones who rocked it:

Although obviously they do it much better then we did.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mustard Hoola Hoops

Okay I did it! I went on a crafting supplies shopping spree and spent far to much money but really... I don't need food that much. I've always thought food was silly when I could be crafting.

I bought a mini jewelry plier set with a selection fo wire and beads. I fully plan on using it to work on my feathered warbonnet. It was inspired by Nobody from the movie Dead Man

Here is what I already have done (which is basically nothing):

I ordered pheasant feathers in green and natural, and using coloured hemp I created a wrapped bottom with a little loop at the end. I first glued it with a glue gun to the base of the feather and then wound it around and finally tied a knot over a dot of glue - making sure to work in a little loop at the bottom so I can easily add it to my headdress. I adapted instructions found in The Readers Digest, Young Peoples Annual, 1963

I also got a very very nice hula hoop (sans decoration) from Katyhead and her friend Emily.

Although its got an industrial appeal right now I'm sure these ribbons will spice it up a bit. My friends and I have a saying for this colour/style scheme: mustard.


I love internet friends.

I am on a website called purerave and although I originally signed up because I went to aprties every so often, now it has become a community with real life and internet friends alike. Two people I met through the site (one from Pittsburgh and one from Toronto) have come to visit little old me in the past 3 years!

The other day I got a lovely garbage cat the other day in the mail from chemicaldoll, another girl I met through the site.

This is Garland my roomies kitty and the garbage kitty as best friends:

I have a mini owl stuffy that I will probably send to her soon. I made it out of recycled fabric that Nan gave me and beads. Its pretty evil