Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mustard Hoola Hoops

Okay I did it! I went on a crafting supplies shopping spree and spent far to much money but really... I don't need food that much. I've always thought food was silly when I could be crafting.

I bought a mini jewelry plier set with a selection fo wire and beads. I fully plan on using it to work on my feathered warbonnet. It was inspired by Nobody from the movie Dead Man

Here is what I already have done (which is basically nothing):

I ordered pheasant feathers in green and natural, and using coloured hemp I created a wrapped bottom with a little loop at the end. I first glued it with a glue gun to the base of the feather and then wound it around and finally tied a knot over a dot of glue - making sure to work in a little loop at the bottom so I can easily add it to my headdress. I adapted instructions found in The Readers Digest, Young Peoples Annual, 1963

I also got a very very nice hula hoop (sans decoration) from Katyhead and her friend Emily.

Although its got an industrial appeal right now I'm sure these ribbons will spice it up a bit. My friends and I have a saying for this colour/style scheme: mustard.