Thursday, June 25, 2009

Doily Bra!


Yes I am going to admit it I really love making these things. But I've only just started and I have so many ideas. First: Doily Bra!

But not really.

This is what my first-ish attempt looks like. Not to shabby if I do say so myself. I tried another first but didn't get too far because it looked like doily throw up and the directions were equally as bad.
Although for real how did one 'flower' petal get so fat and the other so skinny?

I really want to make a doily something for my friends wedding(s) this summer. Because basically thats the only times doilys really make sense. If you don't get handmade doilies from someone at your wedding then its really not a good one.

If anyone has ideas about what else I can do with doilies I'd love to try them out. I really might make a doily bra this summer, I'll just try not to make a doily with a weird nipple hole in the middle.


ArtMind said...

Haha, a doily bra sounds great! Here is a great blog with some great doily inspiration:
Keep up the good work on crocheting - it's heaps of fun, isn't it? :)
Your friend will be delighted receivng a doily made by you!

Emy Augustus said...

doily bra sounds fascinationg.... like something you could wear outside of a shirt. you are so good with detailed stuff.