Monday, July 6, 2009

War Bonnet of love

Well my war bonnet is coming along very very nicely. I've just figured out how to attach my feather trim and my 14 inch pheasant feathers. I still have some tweaking but it should be almost done soon.

Bad news is that I lost my camera so I can't document it very well. WHERE DID THAT THING GO?!

Here is what I did manage to take a picture of though, its the beginning of the bead work I did on the headband:


Emy Augustus said...

oh and did i mention that ur war bonnet reminds me of cocorosie's song, bear hides and buffaloes?

do u have a twitter?

Fiesta Saurus Rex said...

I do not have twitter as I'm really afraid of social networking sites (except blogging strangely enough) expecially facebook.

But! I love cocorosie and I'm coming to new york sometime in september so I hope it coordinates nicely with their show!