Monday, July 20, 2009

Grandma Nan

Maybe I should also do a little post about my first summer vacation before I get into my second. Tristan, Dylan, Neil and I went to Grand Manan for a few days this summer. Its a tiny fishing island off the coast of New Brunswick. Summer time its full of whale watching tourists and fog and in the winter time is full of fish and meth.

We camped at a little spot on the northern end of the island called "Hole in the wall Campground." Dylan happens to have a connection to the couple that runs it and we nearly always get a sweet cliff side camping site. We all kept imagining how easy it would be for us to roll off the edge.

We went hiking a bit and cooked some excellent food. My favorite tea house was closed, but that didn't stop us from making our own excellent tea. We also brought along our friend Pablo Poutine the tequila filled water melon. He went through many transformations over the weekend, but was forever useful.

We went on a hike down a hundred meter Bay of Fundy cliff and wandered around the beaches; finding beach glass garbage and buoys. Tristan and I also woke up to one of the most intense sunrises I've ever witnessed.... even in Thailand I never experienced a sunrise like this:

In any case, Grand Manan is so beautiful. Full of fish and vinegar, camping and relaxing. It was a wonderful vacation.