Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Project War Bonnet - (nearly) done.

Its Done! It's Done! It's Nearly Done!

I can't even believe it - how long did I bead that god forsaken headband? At least 8 or probably 16. I did it at work though (sneaky!) so technically I did get paid to do it :) I didn't even think I could bead like this - and I'll be the first to admit I impressed myself with my beading skill. Check out this sucker:

I used a ragged old piece of leather for the headband base (thanks Nan!), and also a piece of upholstery sample for the bead work because I quickly realized there was no way in hell I was going to try and bead on leather. I used some old quilting fabric for the ties too (Thanks Aunt Debbie!). Most of the materials were scavenged or given too me, even the center piece of the beadwork was an old/broken broach I got from a relative. I'm even going to use some pottery beads I scavenged from my other grandmothers house (she said she had made them a very long time ago) for the dangly bits I plan to staple to the side of my head.
I didn't think I would be so attached to it, but now that I see how proud I am of it and how much of my family went into it.... I might hold on to this more dearly then I thought.


So I will post a picture of me wearing the finished product soon.... Also.... does anyone think its a good idea to post this as a kind of available custom piece on Etsy? It would more then likely be about 120$ if I did.. maybe more.


Emy Augustus said...

wow. I love it. YES DEF. POST IT ON ETSY. i mean c'mon it takes 20 cents! ;)
the feathers r the best part. please let me know when u post a pic of u wearing it. =D

kristy said...


love kristy!

A71JAG said...

its gorgeous!!! I was working on dream catchers, but moved on to crocheting rugs from t shirts and also my first quilt from my sons baby clothes as a xmas gift. Enjoyed your blog funny thing is I too am in new brunswick and grew some peppers from the same way., so your blog has many things i enjoyed thank you