Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birthday Jellies

I've finally decided what I want for my birthday.
So pay attention everyone reading the blog, especially those who are rich.

I would appreciate one Jellyfishart Desktop Tank.

They aren't really that expensive, only 249$ plus the cost of adding jelly fish (39$) each. I'd want three so they wouldn't be lonely and could be a happy little blue jelly jellyfish family.

Also, I'd need a lot of food to keep these guys happy. Their food is 18$ for a month.



Emy Augustus said...


but omg that is the best thing ever. Those jellies are so cute all short and squat.

crazy how much money it is for everything. wow.

Fiesta Saurus Rex said...

I can almost understand the jellyfish being so expensive - but the tank?

Its really on a salt water goldfish bowl.

And I found some inconsistencies on the site. One section claims the jellies last for a few years, and another claims they conly last for six months.

Emy Augustus said...

true...seems like they're trying to make as large of a profit as possible...

o hay.. u should check out installing disquus on ur blog. It lets you reply to people and they get notified through email. =D I'm using it and it's really convenient. =D