Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthday Buoys.

This weekend was lovely. My friend Kristen celebrated her 23rd birthday with a mini road trip to New River Beach, which isn't exactly a warm beach in the summer let alone at this time of year - but it is always beautiful.

We spent the day chucking rocks at other rocks, picking up rocks and looking underneath, and climbing rocks. Really it was fantastic. The best game ever was chucking rocks and seeing them break open against bigger rocks. They bounced like little 25 cent bouncy balls. Nothing is better then a picnic on a lonely beach with friends, fire, and beers.

I found a really good buoy (man if fucking smells) under a huge beach rock. It was at a weird angle where you probably couldn't see it from 99% of the surrounding rocks so good thing I was exploring. Its now (smell or no smell) living in my kitchen. What the hell do you do with a yellow and green buoy (and a boy with an 80's rude cool fleece)?

I also figured out my timer and took some excellent group shots

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