Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lets get ready to DOOOIIIILLY

Happy Holidays everyone!

Merry Ayyam-i-ha!

(I just like saying it, although I do know that it isn't for a few months - its like a Christmas though...right?)

I've been recovering from our epic 24 hour marathon New Years Eve Party - which nearly everyone failed to reach - including me, I was one of the first fatalities. In any case, I have been very busy here with my crafts as all we have been doing is watching hours apon hours of UFC and other MMA-athons (don't ask why I love to watch meat heads beat each other senseless...).

Its been helped a little by a new craft club, a bitch and stitch if you will. Its really nice to have friends that force me to craft every week, because every once in awhile I slack off.

Anyway, so far I've finished my crochet snake scarf, I'll post pictures when its nice out and I have someone to take pictures for me. I've also finished this beauty. World, let me introduce you to the MEGADOILY. The ultimate in doily extravaganzas!

Isn't it beautiful? I've spent the 'recovery' days of this new year crocheting until my fingers have stiffened. I've very impressed with how it irons out, very professional.

I'm forcing myself to finish all my crafts before I leave for my epic trip. That also includes something I'll be taking with me:

A few cloth bags to divide my stuff up (you know, between dirty/clean panties etc) and a few secret pockets in my shorts and bras for money. I'm also debating a monk bag ahla this guy - mainly because they don't take up any space and mine got destroyed by fire.


Until tomorrow, or whenever I happen to take that picture of the snake scarf - what a mystery!

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