Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snake Scarf Revealed!

I finally tried to take some pictures of myself in this snake scarf. But its sadly dark when I get up for work in the morning, and nearly so by the time I get home. Pretty depressing if you ask me.

So here are some pretty lame pictures of myself, taken by myself - please excuse the rather... vacant look on my face. I don't quite have the camera skills (and camera!), nor the poise of one of my favorite self-portrait artists over at the clothes horse. She always looks so beautiful.

I digress.

Look at this mug!

I'm killing myself here.

If you want to make yourself one after looking at these appealing pictures, its quite simple - if not painstakingly repeatative. Get yourself one ball of yarn and one Knitting Spool. Etsy has some good ones available here and here. I might use a thicker yarn in my next attempts - it would make my neck a little warmer rather then simply just pretty.

Step one: start yarn on knitting spool.
Step two: continue to knit on spool until entire ball of yarn is used up.
Step three: wrap around your neck multiple times in a pleasing manner, until you've achieved the 'look', saving enough knitted snake to tie it together in a bow or something more simple.


Anyway, here are some rather belated pictures of my Christmas presents.

Looking back on these snowflakes, I've decided two things. One, compared to my most recent doily, my thread crochet skills have improved dramatically. Two, I really need to invest in quality patterns, rather then internet patterns which have multiple errors.

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