Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jessica's (but Peters) pickled peppers

The funny part about me making a post about Jessica's Pickled Peppers, is that my father's name is Peter. What make this story even funnier is that the peppers in question, are actually his.

And Peter picked these peppers.

Every fall I make pickled peppers from my parents excess peppers and I use them throughout the winter on my sandwiches, on my nachos and in my sauces. A grilled cheese sandwich is beyond words with some pickled peppers.
Also, this recipe is really easy because it doesn't really involve traditional canning. Easy peasy.

Jessica's Pickled Peppers which were picked by Peter

(I just realized writing this down in recipe format is going to be really hard because it all depends on the size of your jars and the kind of peppers. Its now going to turn into a step by step process)....

Ingredients (in unknown quantities) (Ha!)

Hot peppers (any kind!) - enough to fill at least one jar.
Garlic - 1-2 cloves per jar.
Sugar - 2 tsps per normal mason jar
Vinegar - enough to fill half a jar
Boiling water - enough to fill the other half of the jar

1. Grab your hot peppers. Maybe wear gloves before you grab them, because nothing is as painful as hot pepper juice in a paper cut. It doesn't really matter what kind of peppers - what ever you like. I used Banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, and some skinny long green ones that I have no idea the name of.

Try to leave them in the biggest chunks possible, scoop out all the seeds and inside bits. Sometimes if they are really small chillis you can leave them whole.

2. After you have cut up all the peppers you have access too, find a jar. I recycle my pasta sauce jars, but any ol' mason jar will do. Maybe sure it has a really tight lid though because we aren't canning in the traditional sense.

Crush up 1-2 cloves of garlic and place in the bottom of each jar you are planning on filling. Put in about 2 tsp of sugar too(this really depends on the size of your jar - adjust for abnormally sized mason jars).

3. Fill your jar with peppers! I usually make mine stand up because I can fit more in. Then fill your pepper jar half way up with vinegar. Fill the other half up with boiling water. Quickly screw on the cover and flip upside down.

4. Leave on your counter upside down for 2 days.

5. Place in your fridge for at least a week before eating, and make sure they live there for the rest of their life.

6. Enjoy!

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