Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Speaking of Boys and Fighting...

I know I know I shouldn't promote fighting, wrestling and violence. But this is just too good. Everyone is probably going to think that all my friends who are boys do is wrestle. I promise you they only do this 50% of the time and are normal for the rest.

Long story short, after some practice rounds with Bob (which he lost) Neil was humiliated, and decided that he was going to have a round two to prove his manliness. Its been three or four months now, Neil has been training the whole time (He even broke a rib in the beginning), and as planned I am releasing the training video I filmed as a lead up to the real thing.

Get the hype going, you know.

If you haven't noticed yet, its styled in the oh so classy UFC-esque angry music lead in.

So LAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIEEESSSS AND GENTLEMEN, let me introduce to you, the man, the myth the legend..... NEEEIIIILLL SIEEK!

[I just want to emphasize this is NOT SERIOUS. We are in no way shape or form actually hosting a real fight. Do not worry. Neil and Bob are bff's in the real world]

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